Friday, August 30, 2002

The second day at nursery went better, although mom still had to be there all day. Yukiko has her first tooth, but she's to coy to let us take a photo of it.

Almost halfway through The Diamond Age, Hackworth has agreed to become a double agent.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

I've settled into a reading pattern on my commute. Fiction on the tube, and non-fiction on the train. I may even finish The Diamond Age after starting it for the dozenth time.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Yukiko had her first full day at UCL's nursery. She mostly stayed close to mom but also managed to test the tensile strength of other kids hair.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Continuing the tradition of posting about things that happened over a week ago...

Last weekend (August 3) we went to Rochester with Katherine. It's across the Medway river from the industrial park where I work. The walk from Strood rail station to my office is pretty bleak, so it was nice to see that there is more to the area than junkyards and Diggerland.

Rochester has an impressive old castle/fort and cathedral, both dating from the 12th century (earlier if you consider the Roman walls incorporated into the buildings.) I could see both tantalizingly close from across the river on my journey to work but this was the first time I saw them up close. Rochester High Street was cobblestoned and lined with old timber and brick buildings mainly dating back to the Victorian era. There's a distinct Dickens theme to the store names as he lived here for 12 years.

We didn't go inside the castle but it was pretty impressive from the outside, still solid-looking despite the crumbling stone. There was a special market in the castle grounds that weekend selling goods from Normandy. We bought some food including a quite foul-tasting sheep cheese. I also bought two bottles of french beer, which convinced me once and for all that the French cannot make beer. The strong brown "La Bell Siska" that we tried was almost as foul as the sheep cheese. I "mistakenly" left the bottle of stout, who's name I can't recall, at Katherine's for her to try. If she dares.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

As I was saying only 8 days ago... Adam Clarke stayed over at our place a week ago Sunday. It was good to see him. He and played together in several bands in Toronto. It was freaky to realize we'd known each other 16 years. And even freakier to realize neither one of us changed fundamentally in all that time. Sure our lives are completely different but we're still the same as ever. I feel a bad Rush song coming on so I should move on...

Yukiko is crawling. Its hard work. For her parents that is. She is now really living up to her nickname Danger Girl. I know I promised pictures. I will post them. Really. Now I must watch V Graham Norton and go to sleep. Later...