Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Nice fog today. London doesn't get nearly as much fog as you may think from watching b-movies of Jack the Ripper or Sherlock Holmes. But today was a good'un, it even reached our flat 30 minutes by train from the river. Eerie light as the sun rose and layers of fog and low cloud rose from the frosty dew between Gravesend and Higham on the way to Strood.

Yukiko is walking quite well. She still falls down regularly but she no longer needs to hold on to anything and each day she walks less and less like Frankenstein's monster. Won't be entering any races yet, but give her a couple of months.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Last week's news: there weren't nearly as many fireworks this year as last year. The rain probably had something to do with it. Alexandra Palace had their fireworks despite pouring rain, but we (Katherine, Sarah, Charlotte, Yukiko, Yoshie & myself) left too late and arrived just as the crowds were leaving the park. Went inside Ally Pally for the first time. How big was the building? Suffice it to say it took us an hour to find the ice rink. Ok, so we stopped off for a beer first but still...

Friday, November 08, 2002

Watashi no mai nichi (A typical day):

05:40 stumble out of bed
06:30 stumble out the door
06:40 stumble onto the southbound platform at East Finchley tube station.
06:45 stumble onto the "Morden via Bank" train
07:10 stumble off the train at London Bridge station.
07:15 buy my day return ticket to Strood
07:20 buy lunch (if I haven't made a sandwich in the morning) and possibly a coffee
07:25 stumble onto "platform. four. for the. oh. seven. twenty. seven. rochester. service"
07:30 stumble onto the train and start reading a technical book
08:35 uncramp myself and get off the train at Strood station.
08:36 walk through the junkyards, lumberyards and warehouses on the Medway City Estate
09:05 arrive at the office and spend the next 8 hours or so hardly moving from my chair
17:15 walk back through the warehouses, lumberyards and junkyards to Strood station
17:54 get on the Charing Cross service via Sidcup. Notice I'm no longer stumbling.
19:00 get off the train at London Bridge and jostle through the crowds to the Underground.
19:10 get on the Northern Line to High Barnet
19:40 get off at East Finchley
19:45 stop off at the supermarket to buy some beer or bread or razor blades or all three
19:55 arrive home and play with Yukiko
20:20 eat a delicious dinner made by the ever patient, beautiful and kind Yoshie
20:40 read email, make a mental note that I should answer some of it. someday. smurf the weeb. watch tele. generally zone out.
22:30 take a shower and decide what I'm going to wear the next morning
23:00 fall into blissful sleep

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Oh dear. So far behind..............