Saturday, June 18, 2005


Some day, when I look back and remember only the laughter, I'll post My Life as a Japanese Pre-school Mom. But for now you'll have to settle for:

My Day as a Nursery School Parent
(or Embarassing Myself in Public for the Enjoyment of my Girls)

Yoshie volunteered me to be in an Anpanman skit that parent's of Minami's nursery class were performing for their summer festival. I reluctantly agreed when she said we would both be participating, but mysteriously it turned out that I would be the only one performing. I studied the part of Baikinman this (Saturday) morning, figuring that one morning of intense pain would be better than four days of equal pain. When arrived for the practice I discovered there were actually four parents playing my part, two sharing the narration and two performing the actions on stage. I played the villain in the second half, which included stealing a guitar, being squirted with mock pickle juice and super-anpanpunchi-ed into kingdom come. Baibaikin.

I have to grudgingly admit I enjoyed the experience much more than I thought I would. And I actually met a person named Chad, one of the other parents, who was doing the type of work in Japan you would expect of a person named Chad.

No damaging photos have yet been brought to my attention. Let's hope it stays that way.